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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Poofy at the Vet

Poofy's annual visit is always a very entertaining one.  He somehow just knows that I'm going to be taking him.
Maybe it's the subtlety in my behavior that he picks up on, but it's always a challenge to get him into the cat carrier and into the car..
I hear an endless cascade of meowing, over and over again, and when I finally try and calm home down, we are at the vet's office.
Poor guy, probably scared out if his mind.
He got his rabies, distemper, and an exam. He also had his nails clipped.
They decided to draw blood as well.
The entire visit came out to over 200$.
And the doctor recommended a routine cleaning, for which I got an estimate of over $400.

He was happy to be home, but he's allowing Minnie to prance about upstairs, and he isn't bugging her.
I think the shots have laid him out.
He will be back to himself tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure I'm not getting his teeth cleaned for $400+. 

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