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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Does your cat MOAN??

I have a male cat who has been neutered, but he continues to moan and wail every single night.  Usually he does it when my daughter is sleeping, or just about to sleep, around 9pm.  And if she sleeps later, he waits until later to start this hideous moaning.

Its LOUD!!  And not only does he cry out and moan, but he clings to his favorite toy, Monkey, whom he has had for the past 6 years.  He clings to monkey like there is no tomorrow, and he walks around with monkey pressed up to his belly, and held there by his teeth.
Its a very interesting position, to say the least and makes the unexpected guest feel quite uncomfortable, if they are seeing this for the first time.
We've been experiencing this every night for the past 6+ years, so we are unfazed.

Have you experienced this type of cat moaning??
Please comment.  I'd really like to know.

I've even asked the vet, who checked him out and said that he was definitely neutered, so there was no issue in that department. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Poofy at the Vet

Poofy's annual visit is always a very entertaining one.  He somehow just knows that I'm going to be taking him.
Maybe it's the subtlety in my behavior that he picks up on, but it's always a challenge to get him into the cat carrier and into the car..
I hear an endless cascade of meowing, over and over again, and when I finally try and calm home down, we are at the vet's office.
Poor guy, probably scared out if his mind.
He got his rabies, distemper, and an exam. He also had his nails clipped.
They decided to draw blood as well.
The entire visit came out to over 200$.
And the doctor recommended a routine cleaning, for which I got an estimate of over $400.

He was happy to be home, but he's allowing Minnie to prance about upstairs, and he isn't bugging her.
I think the shots have laid him out.
He will be back to himself tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure I'm not getting his teeth cleaned for $400+. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minnie's Siblings

I just had a talk with Minnie's first Mom.... Aimee.
Aimee and I periodically talk and I update her on Minnie and how she's doing, etc...

While we were talking, Aimee said that she would send me pictures of Minnie's Siblings.  They still stop by Aimee's back yard for some food, and shelter.  But for the most part, they are stray cats.  Her siblings are so much bigger than she is... and one resembles Poofy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Annoying Minnie!

She can be so fiesty!! And she bites!! 
Take a Look!!

Cats overcoming a door to Play!!

Poofy and Minnie, even though they are separated, have devised a way to play with paper balls.  
In this short movie, Poofy is behind the door, so we can't see him and Minnie is on the side of the camera.
Watch and see what happens!!

Later, the play continues, but Poofy has had enough of the paper ball game.  
See what happens next!! 

Even Cats Have their Moments...

The unwritten cat code: 
While enjoying a cool breeze and watching potential prey, the younger cat must follow the older cat's lead and stay quiet.  No jumping around; no going crazy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneaky... Sneaky gets her Revenge!!

Okay!  So, I did come back home for about 5 minutes to check on my little devils at home, and LO! and BEHOLD!  Poofy was up in his little cave he created between my clothes in my shelf, and Minnie was strutting her stuff downstairs.  It had appeared as though Minnie had the entire downstairs all to herself!!

So, I started making myself a cup of coffee before I had to head out to work again, when I noticed that Poofy had made his way downstairs to say "hello" to mommy (me).  So, I cuddled him up and did my usual, "Hi Poofy Snoofy!  How's my Snoofer doing??..".  I walked upstairs carrying him and let him down at the top of the stairs.  He immediately went to his litter box upstairs.

Minnie in the meantime, sneaked up right next to the litter box, waiting patiently; ears turned back, squatting down on her haunches, and ever ready to strike.  I went around the bed, stood really still, and decided to watch.
Poofy did his business in the litter box, then turned around in the box (its a gigantic litter box, since he's a Maine Coon), in order to cover up what he had just done.  When he turned around, his backside was facing out of the box.  So, of course curious little Minnie (5 months tomorrow) decided that she wanted to sniff his bottom.  She did that for a few seconds, then decided to duck down again before Poofy turned around.  Poofy stuck his head out of the litter box and checked left and right looking for the rascal who had so rudely sniffed him, but he didn't find anyone.

So, Poofy continued to cover up his business and then walked out of the litter box just in time for a nice slap on the head!  He did not see it coming.  Minnie had waited for over 2 minutes just so she could get her chance to pounce on Poofy, lift her little hand (her front paw) and slap him really hard on the head.  So, Sneaky Sneaky got her Revenge!

Poofy gave a little squeal and jumped backward.  He was a little shocked that Minnie came toward him so brazenly.  Then like the King, and Master of the Home, he very majestically walked slowly out of the room, ignoring Minnie completely.

I actually don't feel so bad to leave her alone with the bully any longer.  I think she can take care of herself very well indeed!!